• Allison Carrow (Co-Chair)
  • Kristy Woodfield (Co-Chair)
  • Carlton J. Hamann III
  • Mary Hajdu

Pro Bono

  • Bob Schnizler (Chairperson)
  • Tom Dorey
  • John Jackson
  • Mary Schiller

Real Estate

  • Bob VanEvery (Co-Chair)
  • Greg Yaw (Co-Chair)
  • Bruce Scoloton
  • Neil Robinson
  • Mark Bargar
  • Hope Frederickson
  • Kristen Lee Yaw
  • Shane Uber
  • Dana Lundberg


  • Patrick Slagle
  • Todd Thomas

Battle of the Businesses

  • Marilyn Fiore-Lehman (Co-Chair)
  • Kurt Gustafson (Co-Chair)
  • Andy Robinson


  • Greg Peterson (Chairperson)
  • George Panebianco
  • Steve Sellstrom
  • Greg Yaw

Mock Trial

  • Bev Underer (Co-Chair)
  • John LaMancuso (Co-Chair)

Attorney-Client Dispute Resolution 

  • Mary Schiller (Co-Chair)
  • Paul Webb, Jr. (Co-Chair)
  • Richard Fessenden
  • Phil Cala
  • Kurt Gustafson
  • Mary Hajdu

Public Relations

  • Marilyn Fiore-Lehman (Chairperson)
  • Steve Abdella
  • Mike Goldman
  • Chuck DeAngelo
  • Mary Schiller

Judicial Qualification 

  • Kevin Laumer (Chairperson)
  • Chuck Hall
  • Chuck DeAngelo
  • Neil Robinson
  • John Samuelson
  • Paul Andrews



  • Lana Huston (Co-Chair)
  • Carlton J. Hamann III (Co-Chair)
  • Mattie Ross
  • Mark Bargar
  • Patrick Slagle


One of the many benefits of membership in the Jamestown Bar Association is access to committee meetings and relevant documents. Each of the committees offer opportunities for networking with other attorneys in particular area of interest, and additionally provides members with access to relevant information and changes. All members are welcome to join any committee without any additional cost. For more information please contact

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