2019 Fee Schedule:

First Year: Free
Members 2-5 years: $125.00
Members 5+ years: $150.00
Affiliate Member: $75.00
Social Member: no annual dues, but pay for each party/event attended. 


Social members may may attend JBA Meetings but will have no voting rights. Social members can attend JBA functions (parties, CLE's, and all other social activiites) at a cost determined by the Association at the expense of the member.


To join as an Affiliate Member one must be (i) employed as an office administrator, intern, or paralegal by any attorney or firm in Chautauqua County, (ii) a law school graduate, not eligible to be an Active Member nor a Student Member.  Affiliate Members shall not be entitled to vote but shall have all other privileges of Active Membership to the extent such privileges are not restricted by law or contracted to admitted attorneys.  No Affiliate Member shall be eligible to serve as a director, officer, or chair of any committee of the Association.



To join as an Active Member one must be a member of the Bar of the State of New York who resides or has an office in the County of Chautauqua.

Membership Options

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